As a technology company that is driven by innovation we are always on the look-out for colleagues with ingenuity and dedication. Our job board will give you an overview of the positions we would like to fill or expand.

Robert Michaelides
Founder, Proemion

As a fast-growing Industrial Tech Company, we strive to create a highly-professional environment where each individual feels welcome and valued so that one can grow further and make a real impact.

Our focus is all on peopleprocesses, and technology. Seeing our diverse teams challenge the status quo to stay at the forefront of technology is truly inspiring. It is not always about breakthrough changes; I strongly believe in continuous, fast-paced, iterative improvements.

Having worked in startups and established companies, we combine the best of both worlds to achieve the best outcomes.

Robert T. Michaelides
CEO, Proemion

As a manager at Proemion, I can decide and move things. I have a great team with whom we achieve the best results under optimal conditions. There is no "service by the book" here, but rather tasks and solutions. This enables us to produce highly complex electronics in Fulda that are used all over the world.

Stefan Vey
Head of Production

As a working student, I was able to gain valuable first experience and was offered a permanent position immediately after graduating. In addition, the experience and support of my team are fundamental to my professional and personal growth. Here I can use my skills, share my culture and achieve goals together.